The beach

If you decide to spend your vacation at the beach with the kids in Bellaria Igea Marina will not regret it

In fact, when you set foot on the beach you will not want to change. The beach is in fact one, if not the biggest attraction of Bellaria Igea Marina: seven kilometers of fine golden sand where you can find everything you want.

Well equipped bathing establishments, where the lifeguards Romagna, strong in their famous hospitality, will treat you like family. Beaches with kiosks, local, entertainment, space for sports, especially swimming pools and lots of games and services dedicated to the children. Or simply you parents where you can lie on the couch under an umbrella and enjoy a relaxing day while your children are cared for by babysitters and animators that will involve them in fun games and tournaments, or take part in sailing, swimming, windsurfing and water skiing under the watchful eye of expert instructors.

The beach of Bellaria, a huge open-air gym where you build fantastic sand castles and engage in fierce games of beach volleyball, under the watchful eye of the lifeguard supervises the safety of tourists. And the Adriatic Sea, a real natural swimming pool where the kids will have no problem thanks to its safe swimming in shallow water. And for this reason that Bellaria is the ideal destination especially for families with children. The villages on the beach “Polo est” and “Beky bay” are ideal locations for live sports, relaxation and fun during the day and at night. Polo est, the beach facilities, free and open to everyone with a varied program of activities for adults and for children: gymnastics, aqua gym, aerobics, step aerobics, fitness, yoga, playground and children’s entertainment. Beky bay, every weekend offers music nights, parties, shows: cabaret, fashion shows, concerts, events.