Theme parks

Bellaria Igea Marina is within walking distance of the most famous theme parks of Romagna , ideal for fun big and small places

Aquafan Riccione. The most famous water park in Europe. Acquafan means fun and vacation. Acquafan is continuous fun: with daily live entertainment and water games. Kamikaze, Great Pool with waves, Rapid River, High toboggans, the Extreme River, Twist etc … RAM also Acquafan night. His record is the kingdom of Radio DJ, Linus, Albertino. And also many more concerts and shows.

Fiabilandia. The natural reserve of fun. A great fun dipped in the green park: a place as a child, or the imagination and fantasy based so to give a beautiful day between attractions and fun shows. Castle Magician Merlino, Lake of Dreams, The Valley of Gnomes, The Grand Canyon, Savannah Train There Roller Boom and much else. An unforgettable trip between nature and animals to discover the unknown environments.

Atlantica Cesenatico. In the heart of Cesenatico dipped in the green another splendid water park or you can spend a fun day. Its structure is developed on a total area of ​​100,000 sqm. ( 42,000 m water. Green area , 5,700 sqm. Always heated to 28 ° , 430 m., Water toboggans, 3 points off, 1 pizzeria, 2 gazebo bar , ample external parking.

Indiana Golf. This Mini Golf Theme Park where you can experience the adventure very special between including waterfalls, rocks, tropical plants, ponds, calls and music of the forest. You can choose between two scenic spots: The Lost Ark and the Last Crusade. There is also a picnic area available for children beautiful babysitters, gazebo and a video surveillance system.

Italia in Miniatura. You are welcome to the most charming big, fascinating and unusual in Italy. Welcome to where you can finally unparalleled experience, with over 270 perfect miniatures of Italian and European architectural marvels, 1000 green plants and trees Mignon, fascinating attractions, strange puppets talk and gesticulate like real human beings, trains and small moving ships, original shows … Welcome to a whole new park.

Rimini Dolphinarium. Dolphins: the sympathetic and intelligent cetaceans, with which man since ancient times has established relations of mutual curiosity made ​​of deep friendship, collaboration, scientific interest. Amazing comrades with whom to undertake amazing adventure through a fascinating spectacle. A Rimini Dolphinarium you enter the magical and fascinating world of dolphins to discover their incredible energy and sympathy.

Acquario di Cattolica. A new way to experience the sea, its people and its history. The wonderful adventure of the sea from the ground up today. Learning while having fun, playing a major role to play an unforgettable journey into one of the proposed theme park Le Navi channels. Ships Come on, it’s off for an interactive adventure at the center of knowledge.

Oltremare. The stranger is the new park on the adventure, fun, discovery abroad is the new Park Hill Riccione. Dolphin Lagoon is the largest in Europe , the most amazing horses from around the world, meet the farm animals, the habitat of the Po delta sea, the flight of birds of prey, Hospital turtles, greenways, the impact of the meteorite … 110,000 square meters for the most exciting tribute to our planet and our sea, where entertainment is also an opportunity for a rich educational content experience. If you have seen abroad, do not forget.

Mirabilandia. In adults and children find Mirabilandia fun and so many emotions in the greenery of the park. 37 attractions, shows and 9, and in particular Bimbopoli large area, a veritable city for children where fun and imagination reigns and where children are at the center while their parents remain spectators. Do not miss living room and Mike Otto, Family Adventure, The Fast Mini, and walked Casa Matta wheel.